Blue Yonda is luxurious, local, effortless gifting. It’s being there when you can’t be; to connect, to make memories and to transform relationships.

At Blue Yonda we source only the highest quality products from purely Tasmanian makers, whose love and passion are evident in their unique creations. Using our own creative expertise, we curate and design aesthetically beautiful gift collections.

Our goal is to always make your intended recipient feel thought-about and special. Our business is especially relevant at a time when Tasmania’s talented artists and makers are not always able to exhibit at markets or retail outlets. Naturally, people still want to be able to gift their loved ones, and if they’re unable to do this personally, this is where we step in to provide a seamless service.

A major focus of our business that sets us apart from others, is our dedication to genuinely promoting the makers of our products. We will get behind the brands and share their stories, to enable you to learn more about their passions and their craft.

Ultimately, we hope to provide you with an elevated customer experience which helps inform your future purchasing decisions to support quality local producers.